Germany VPS Network

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Frankfurt, Germany Server

Our Germany VPS location is in Frankfurt, which ideal for business which wants to connect to the Europen markets which is core hubs for digital business. Frankfurt, a central German city on the river Main, is a major financial hub that's home to the European Central Bank.
Our Germany VPS Hosting provides fast possible connection to France, London, Amsterdam and rest of the Europe, and indeed the rest of the world!
With our Germany Virtual Private Server Network, you can establish a connection with one of the biggest consumer markets in Europe at Germany's top digital campus. Germany VPS is located in one of the key strategic locations of this cutting-edge technology hub and has excellent communication connections to London, Amsterdam, and France.

Germany VPS Test Files :

Germany VPS Network

Our Frankfurt data centers provide a wide range of network services from multiple companies and serve as business hubs for numerous organizations.

Frankfurt is a top choice for leading firms because of its central location in Europe and easy access to one of the continent's biggest markets.

Access to markets in southern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East is made possible by our ultra-low-latency routes Germany VPS.

Our Germany VPS is positioned strategically in Frankfurt which provide high carrier connection, allowing clients to participate in a vibrant industry environment.

Transit Carrier : Core-Backbone (AS33891)
Anexia (AS47147)
RETN (AS9002)
firstcolo (AS44066)
DTAG (AS3320)
Orange (AS5511)

Internet Exchange & Peerings :
Currently we are connected to the Internet Exchange nodes DE-CIX Frankfurt and AMS-IX.

There are direct peerings to all well-known major networks such as:
1&1 IONOS, Akamai, Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, Cloudflare, Colt, Deutsche Glasfaser, Dropbox, EWETEL, Github, Google, Hetzner, Leaseweb, Microsoft, myLoc, OVH, TDC, Telefonica, Twitch, Telenor, Valve, Verein zur Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes e. V. (DFN) or Vodafone.

Private Network Interconnection :
Google - Hetzner - meerfarbig - myLoc - LWLcom

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